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Cyclomaniacs 2

cyclmaniacCyclomaniacs 2 is a very interesting sequel to the popular game «Cyclomaniacs». After its release, the first part got a very large population, not only among those wishing to spend time with pleasure but also among true gamers. Let’s welcome the second part where you will also have to compete in a race with other cyclists. Events take place at an amusement park. Cheerful graphic set in conjunction with a large number of opponents, and achievements make this game very funny. Knock out your opponents, use very incredible maneuvers. Furthermore, In addition to being the first to get to finish, you should also pass the track on times while performing different tricks (they determine bonuses which you might get in the end of your race). Creators of this wonderful game have led it to excellence adding tremendous number of new levels, tracks

and missions, so that it has become much more interesting to play it. In the second part you will see 39 new tracks, 50 types of riders, mini games and lots of hidden bonuses and other pleasures! Let's talk about the game itself. The plot: after winning the first race CycloManiacs investors-LongAnimals and RobotJAM, invested in thematic mega bike park, which was named Ninja World. Like all successful businessmen, they began the worldwide competition. All participants of first CycloManiacs were trained to become a weapon in their hands - to become a ninjas. They did not stop and kidnapped princess Jennifer. King of races, i.e. you have to save her, but first you have to find the main villains, investors who are hiding in a secret lair somewhere in the park. This is no ordinary race - your job is not only being in the leader list, but also to perform a specified number of tricks to prove that you are a true ninja biker. The biggest plus of Cyclomaniacs 2, is that almost all the tracks are very diverse and each has its cheerfulness, as well as the riders for whom you can play have their "moods" and bikes. Among the tricks that you will need to master - Turnover in the air back and forth, driving the front and rear wheels, the pendulum in the air, flying upside down and many more. Performing your tricks you charge the accelerator, which will give you the speed, will ignite your wheels and add action. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the «W, A, S, D». Key «X» or "gap" - the jump. «P» - pause. «R» - restart level. Good luck in the game.

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